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If you have not yet tried our Veg-Lite® Jam, try it now. We are well known for manufacturing a wide variety of fruit jams of outstanding taste and packed to perfection for a longer shelf life. The variety includes mixed fruit, apple, mango, and pine apple jams. They are quite amazing in their exact resemblance of their taste with the original fruits. They are produced from natural fruit pulp.

Veg-Lite® Fruit Jams make each eating occasion a dream. Jam on toast, Jam on a muffin, Jam on a pancake, Jam in a shake, Jam on a slice of walnut cake or jam in a swirl of creamy ice cream.

Mix Fruits Jam

This is the most popular variety of Jam made from selected fruits with care. You will feel the taste of having multiple fruits simultaneously. Have it like the way you like, make a shake or spread. Our mixed fruit jam is universally praised for its superior quality. It is available at an economical price.

Pineapple Jam

It is made from the finest of fresh Pineapple. It tastes so yummy that you would like to have it with every meal. It is prepared and bottled keeping with the highest international standards, and use of state-of-the-art process lines that are constantly monitored for quality.

Apple Jam

Our Fun Top Apple Jam is unique and is known for its original taste. It is manufactured from sweet, delicious and fresh apples bought directly from orchards in…

Mango Jam

Our Fun Top mango jam is as fresh as real mango. Made from fresh mangoes, it adds taste to your recipes. It is really refreshing, used in making milk shake or as a spread or in dessert. It is very delicious.
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