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We are known for manufacturing, processing and supplying of Urad,Moong, Chana, Masoor Dal in market. The food products we offer are well packed to ensure freshness and good taste.

We offer a qualitative range of our products , which is high in nutritional value, essential amino acids, & digestible fibers. Dal is used extensively in India and is prepared as a part of main course food. Our clients can easily get our food products at most discounted rate.


These small beans, also known as Chinese bean sprouts, are quite familiar in their sprouted form. Hulled and split, they reveal their creamy interiors. The bean sprout is much easier to digest and assimilate than the actual bean and it is the only source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 among the sprouted beans. It is widely used in stir fried food, soups and salads.

Moong Split (moong dal) with skin

Derived from moong beans, moong dal with skin is also known as green moong dal or chilka moong dal. It cooks fast without much prior soaking compared to whole moong beans. It is made into dal curry to complement rice/chapattis.

Moong Split (moong dal) without skin

The moong beans when split and hulled take form of yellow dal which is popularly known as moong dal in Indian households. It cooks quick, requires no prior soaking and is easily digestible. This dal is widely used to make various recipes like dal curry, dry curry, stews, etc.

Chana Dal

A smaller variety of the chickpea, this pale yellow dal has a delicately nutty aroma and flavor. It also goes by the names chana dal or bengal gram. It is combined with onions and spices to make a classic curry or it is mixed with meat to make koftas and kebabs. Chana dal is also used to make a variety of sweet dishes like payasam and puran poli.

Masoor Dal

Masoor dal is orange/red split lentils that have a delicate nutty taste. They do not need any soaking before cooking. They cook very quickly and are easy to digest. These lentils are used to make soups, stews, bakes and they are also made into spicy dals. These lentils may be combined with rice, meat or vegetables as main dishes. Lentils have a protein content of 25%. They are a good source of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Urad Dal

MUrad Dal is a cream color dal used in popular South Indian dishes such as dosa, idli and dahi wada as well as made into spicy dal curry. It needs soaking for a few hours before cooking. The consistency of urad dal is usually thicker than any other dals.
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