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Corn Flakes
Why Cereal Products as Breakfast?

Cereal Products as Corn Flakes & Choco Flakes contains iron and vitamins which balances the human body requirement of nutrition in the morning. Another benefit of Breakfast cereal products is they very much light food for you body and thus they don’t add fat to your body.

Need of Breakfast:
Medical science strongly recommends breakfast as most important meal of the day for human body. Your body feels in need of nourishments in the morning to start a day. If you leave you body unfilled with necessary vitamins for almost fourteen hours from dinner to the lunch duration then it may harm you body over the time period. The argument says that coffee and tea may kill your hunger, so that I don’t feel in need of food consumption in the morning. The answer to this is, hunger is just a feeling which is raised by “endocannabinoid lipid” which gets generated in mind, but what about the actual need of body necessity for nutrition.

Breakfast is the most import and meals of the day as it replenishes our body's energy stores after an all-night fast.

A HEALTHY BREAKFAST significantly improves mental and physical performance of both children & adult. Essentially the Breakfast should be low in fat, Cholesterol and high in vitamins & minerals, SHANTI'S CORN FLAKES are made precisely as per the requirements of an ideal Breakfast for each morning.

VEG-LITE'S CORN FLAKES & CHOCO FLAKES are made from selected corn and manufactured under strict. Hygienic conditions in moisture proof packing. In addition, corn flakes or fortified with vitamins and iron.
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